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List of Bioluminescent Mushrooms in New Zealand

Witnessing the glow of mycelium and mushrooms has sparked a curiosity that has led me down an illuminating path of discovery. If fungi weren't already...

How To Take Photos of Bioluminescent Mushrooms

Sometimes capturing the perfect photo is just a result of being lucky. You're in the right place at the right time. Photos turn out beautiful...

Fungi in the Fiordlands

Today the rain has stopped and sunlight edges above the clouds, awakening the forest to a multitude of emerald hues. Camera in hand, I...

The Alienness of White Basket Fungus

Ileodictyon cibarium is a saprobic species of fungus meaning its formed from the process of decaying dead organic matter. Commonly known as white basket...

A Menacing Look – Teeth-bearing Fungi

Observing different characteristics of mushrooms can spark the imagination. What nature provides can be stranger than most science fiction. Their various shapes and colors...

Pouch & Truffle-like Fungus

The popular and common classic umbrella-shaped cap typically comes to mind when most people think of mushrooms. But there are myriad fungi species that...

Beech Oranges – Cyttaria Gunnii in the South Island

It’s springtime, and the weather is warming up in Te Anau. In the Fiordlands of the South Island the fungi are few and far...

Gyromitra tasmanica (Southern False Morel) & Other Morels

I'm wandering around in a field of moss and fallen beech tree debris just past Dock Bay on the Kepler Track in Te Anau....

Peel Forest Fungi

Forty-five minutes north of Timaru on the east coast of the South Island, past the quaint town of Geraldine, and a couple hours south...

The Fungi of Abel Tasman National Park

Expanding a hundred meters offshore the tide retreats exposing wavy ripples of soft sand. Cutting across the new desert at low tide, thousands of...
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Welcome to NZFungi

NZFungi is a site for showcasing what I find out in the New Zealand bush via macro photography and nature writing paired with whatever information (if any) I find online - to make sense of how fungi play into the wider scheme of the natural world.